Choosing Bali hotel deals- getting it right

How to choose Bali hotel deals, there are many accommodation styles to choose from – ranging from budget style to top end hotels, resorts and villas – with sizes and prices to suit everyone’s needs and budget. I usually visit Bali for a holiday at least once a year, and I like to try different accommodation styles, and at different locations. There are a number of things that should be taken into account to ensure that the best Bali hotel deals are made to enhance your holiday experience even further.

* Determine the best type of accommodation to suit your needs- whilst Bali does offer many beautiful resorts, the island also offers a fair share of Bali hotel deals as well. To choose the best type for your holiday, make sure to consider your needs, your family’s and your own preferences. Some might love the convenience of staying in a hotel, but others find renting a villa or apartment offers a lot more privacy. For example families on a budget might enjoy the kitchen privileges an apartment will afford them, or even the luxury of having a private pool.

* Choose your location to suit your holiday needs – e.g. is it a family holiday, a romantic getaway, a cultural or adventure experience you are seeking. The island of Bali is a little bigger than many travellers may realise. With more than 5,000 kilometres of beautiful and natural splendour to explore, those planning Bali holidays should research and decide what region to focus their adventure on. Each of Bali’s regions offers its own distinct attractions. No matter what area of the island holidaymakers choose to stay, be assured you will enjoy some of the most breathtaking sights, or have the best fun adventures or shopping experiences in the world.

* Set a budget and try to stick to it. Bali hotel deals, villas, apartment rentals and resorts offer visitors a huge range of pricing. To make certain your budget isn’t stretched too thin, set limits for your Bali accommodation in advance. Bali offers very reasonable rates on very comfortable and homely accommodations. The secret lies in knowing where to look for the best deals, then searching out more information regarding your choice, before making your decision. I have always found that once I have selected several hotels etc., a personal review from other travellers who have stayed at the accommodation previously is the most helpful and informative. The best internet site to do this is at Trip Advisor – at this site you can not only get travellers personal reviews, experiences and see additional photos, but you can also contact the author for more information if required. I’ve had several people email me after posting a review at this site.

* Do your homework and determine additional needs- sometimes it is simply much cheaper to book not only a Bali accommodation, but your entire holiday package at one place. When the offers are explored, holiday planners often discover that Bali complete holiday packages may give them not only excellent accommodations, but also access to some of the island’s most famous landmarks, and the conveniences of airport transfers, breakfasts included etc. This can be a particularly helpful choice for first time to Bali visitors. A good place to start looking for Bali holiday package pricing is at Best Flights –

* Research well and shop online – there is an absolute abundance of information on the internet. Here holidaymakers will find lots of companies dedicated to helping others explore all that Bali has to offer. Finding the right Bali hotel deals is not a difficult undertaking, just a little time consuming. However, planning your holiday is such a fun exercise, and you will discover a plethora of accommodation choices. From hotels and villas to apartments and resorts, Bali has the perfect place for anyone’s stay.

Written by Wendy Hillman


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