Hunting in vain for Bali hotel deals? Inside Bali Travel Secrets 2014

Bali Travel Secrets – 2014.

Bali hotel deals…. you think they’re everywhere, but wow, what scams they run on tourists, misleading ads online, taxes omitted until you check out, the list goes on and on ….

When you go to a new country and culture there’s going to be important questions that affect you from the moment you arrive, for example ….

  • What food is safe to eat?
  • Finding a good and also inexpensive place to stay, in other words, Bali hotel deals.
  • Where would you find a pharmacy, or get your laundry done?

… and many others.

This smart travel guide also answers over 25 things you need before you even leave home.

Many of us are modest budget travellers, if you’re seeking good affordable Bali hotel deals this is the best value purchase you will ever make.

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Bali is a lovely place, well deserving of its tropical paradise reputation, but I didn’t realize how much the locals hide behind the language and cultural barrier to take constant and excessive financial advantage of every passing tourist.

Right in the airport there were problems I could have avoided, $40 lost forever.

Right in the airport there were problems I could have avoided, $40 lost forever.

There’s something very important you don’t know.

Bali has two economies, one is the prices charged by and to the local residents, whose average hourly pay in a decent job is just $2 per hour or less.

As they earn, they pay modestly for their purchases. No problem there.

If you calculate time versus cost for a Big Mac hamburger in the west it takes about 20 minutes to earn the $5 cost. In Bali 20 minutes earns about 60 cents, which is about what they will pay for their lunch at a road side stall.

When you walk up you will pay ten to twenty times as much.

This applies everywhere you go, for every service and item you purchase.

The second economy is the wildly inflated costs passed to tourists.

You can be sold a pair of pants for $30 to $50, and right next to you a local will pay just $1, without anyone even blinking. Hotels are a shock too. While planning I found a well known, well reviewed, 4 star hotel, advertised online for $29 per night. It looked good, a stylish building offering air conditioning, free wifi internet, multiple pools and a swim up bar. Normally a back packer type of traveller this was a step up from how I expected to spend the rest of the trip but I wanted to feel well looked after for a few days while I got my bearings.

On booking my air fares and first week’s hotel with the travel agent, I was told the cost was actually $87 US per night, not $29, as the hotel was very busy and rooms were booked up. I really wanted a stress free first few days so despite this being a bigger dent in the budget I committed to 7 days, unknowingly making two mistakes in just one sentence. My estimated weeks cost suddenly jumped from $203 to $609 US for the week.

I had hoped for a busy hotel to meet people but when I arrived the hotel was actually nearly empty, and therefore no justification for the higher room rate.

After a week, on check out, two previously unmentioned ‘government taxes’ of 29% were added to the total, another $176.61, for a new total of $785.61.

Bali hotels post a list of international currency rates with which you can pay but these are set by the hotels and are not bank rates, mistake number three or four coming right up. Before I knew this I had paid the bill at an exchange rate almost half of what the bank rate was, effectively near doubling the cost to $1177.

So, now with limited options, in frustration I visited other local hotels and found a near identical 4 star hotel 2 blocks away and one block from the beach, where I paid a genuine $25 per night and gleefully stayed there for the next three weeks. It was central to shops and beach, quiet, clean, had air conditioning, a large clean pool, free wifi internet and a complimentary 5 course breakfast, perfect, and exactly what I had initially hoped to find.

This nice hotel in the center of Kuta: $25 per night.

This nice hotel in the center of Kuta: $25 per night.

BaliTravelSecrets-2014 lists the names, address, cost, location and amenities and images of the two best value Bali hotel deals, 4 star hotels in Kuta Beach ($35 per night for two, or $$17.50 each), the two best value 3 star hotels,($25 per night and only $5 per extra person) and the cheapest overnight back packers ($7) that you too can easily locate in Kuta, one block from the beach and in the middle of the tourist activities.

This accommodation for $5 per night.

This accommodation for $5 per night.

I was so frustrated by this experience that I examined no less than 45 hotels in Kuta central.

What was being charged to other tourists was shameful. A well presented young Japanese honeymoon couple were paying $80 per night, for segregated dormitory bunk accommodation where the toilet was a hole in the floor, with no meals and was a kilometer inland from the beaches. They too had prebooked their whole stay, could not get refunded if they left early, and had no spare funds to move to the pool side paradise I was at for $25 total per night.

Being overcharged is THE most common experience of tourists visiting Bali, and can leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

Being ripped off by deliberate deception is also a common Bali experience.

Here’s some tips from Bali Travel Secrets 2014.

Hotel Tip One: Never pre book online and pay for more than one or two nights until you have visited other hotels for lower rates after arrival.

Most hotels advertise widely online and offer unbelievable low rates of $15 – $30 per night. It is very rare to actually get this rate, often the offers and hotel both are fraudulent and do not exist, but these websites will take your credit card and money.

Hotel Tip Two: Never book a hotel for more than one or two nights until you have stayed there.

Every hotel I stayed at or visited was deficient in some unusual way, many motivating enough to make you leave and find another. If you have booked for a week and wish to move out, you will lose the weeks fees. They are often unusually noisy, over lit at night, the air conditioning or TV may not work, or there are damaged dangerous items such as razor sharp broken floor tiles,

Hotel Tip Three: Always inspect your hotel room before booking in.

Almost always at least one of the room amenities such as the AC or TV will not work. By far the the most common deficiency are the bathrooms. Even in very nice seeming hotels it is common to find taps but no hot water, taps with no running water, taps missing and broken off, no sink plugs, no shower, a shower head on a hose but no way to wall mount it, no shower and a bath with peeled enamel, no wall mirror, no shower curtain, no hand basin, a wet bathroom (ie tiled bathroom designed with no bath or shower unit), foul odours that fill the rooms, the list goes on and on.


Bali Travel Secrets – 2014

Contents: This information will get you on your feet fast, everything you need to know in the first 48 hours.

Ten important pre Bali travel tips.

  1. Beware of fraudulent accomodation and the professional site travel agencies use.
  2. Small things you could bring to make travel easier.
  3. The two best currencies to travel with.
  4. Planning on driving a car, bike or scooter?
  5. Local electricity requirements.
  6. Get the better of hotel operators.
  7. Travel insurance.
  8. What internet service is available across Bali, free and easy.
  9. Best swimming and surf seasons, beach clothing rules.
  10. Travel securely and avoid drug smugglers.
  11. Weather, temperatures and clothing.

Airport Travel Tips

  1. A secret that immigration officials hold over you
  2. Currency and airports ATM’s.
  3. The sanctioned scam going on inside the airport.
  4. The best scam free taxis to always use.

The Top Hotel Deals

  • Two pamper yourself 4 star hotels you would pay $175 to $375 in a western country – for $35 per day for two people .
  • Best Value – Three 3 star hotels you would pay $100-$150 per day in a western country with large pool, air conditioning, TV, free internet and breakfast – for $25 per day, and just $5 per extra person.
  • Three low budget hotels with breakfast- for $5 to $15 per day.
  • Plus; Ten tips to get the best out of your hotel deal.

21 Very Important Bali Tips to Enjoy Bali

  • How to party safely and avoid a great danger unique to Bali.
  • How to bargain without embarrassment the local way and get a good result.
  • How and where to find and safely use internationally connected cash machines.
  • How to avoid crime that targets tourists.
  • How to get the best travel deal to see Bali.
  • The truth and unusual dangers of recreational drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy.
  • Best night time entertainment deal in Kuta.
  • Emergency help: police and hospitals – 8 live links.
  • How and where to eat safely and cheaply.
  • How to avoid the contaminated tap water and buy safe food and water.
  • Get the best of Kuta Beach, one of the worlds finest swimming and surf spots.
  • Where to get your laundry done anytime, done well and done cheaply.
  • Map of Bali – live link.
  • Understanding local medical care such as pharmacies, doctors and hospitals.
  • Money exchangers to avidly avoid, no matter how young and innocent they seem.
  • Understanding the bizarre exchange rate.
  • Local cell phones can be a great deal.
  • What to do if there’s a police encounter.
  • A humorous tip to avoid being ripped off while shopping.
  • Best deals in local transport to see Bali.
  • Don’t get sick, even the locals don’t drink the water.


Many of us are modest budget travellers, this is the best value purchase you might ever make.

Bali Travel Secrets 2014: Instant email download: just $18.50

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Bali Hotel Deals

One of the best Bali hotel deals, 4 stars, 2 minutes to the beach, and for $25 per day you can’t go wrong.